Skyhawk appoints ambassador for pest, wildlife control


October 30, 2023

James Nase

James Nase

Skyhawk recently appointed James Nase as its ambassador to the pest control and wildlife control industries.

Nase, with 45 years of experience in pest control and wildlife control, was an early advocate for the use of electronic remote monitoring in pest control and wildlife control. In his 25 years as technical service director at Moyer Pest Control, Nase deployed many of the available ERM systems before settling on Skyhawk and the Skyhawk Trapmate ERM product line as his preferred solution.

“We’re delighted to continue working with Jim in a more formal capacity,” said Rich Shevelow, CEO of Skyhawk. “He’s a recognized expert in remote monitoring for animal control who is well known throughout the pest and wildlife control communities.”

In addition to his work at Moyer, Nase also served on the Urban Pest Control Technical Committee and the Copesan Technical Committee and is the owner of Nase Wildlife Removal, a thriving business that is using Trapmate products.

“Skyhawk’s work in making electronic remote monitoring more reliable and easier to deploy stands out in the ERM industry,” said Nase. “I’m proud to be able to help further connect them with leaders in the pest and wildlife control communities.”

About Skyhawk

Skyhawk is a leader in the design, development of manufacturing of remote monitoring systems for challenging applications. An innovator in Internet of Things (IoT) technology, Skyhawk has developed the only IoT systems that run entirely on batteries, enabling new applications and eliminating any reliability on power or connectivity from deployment sites. Skyhawk’s Trapmate product line is the emerging leader in electronic remote monitoring for pest and wildlife control. The company, part of electronic manufacturing conglomerate the PICA Group, is headquartered in Derry, N.H., with offices around the U.S., in Malaysia and in China.


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