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November 1, 2023

Want to know the location of rats in New York City? Now you can with New York City’s Rat Information Portal and Transit’s NYC Subway Rat Detector.

New York City’s Rat Information Portal



The New York City’s Rat Information Portal is a web-based mapping application that allows users to view rat inspection and action data collected by the NYC Health Department.

To do a basic search, enter an address, zip code, neighborhood or Borough Block and Lot (BBL) in the search bar. Users can also search by or zoom to a community board by turning on the toggle switch and selecting a community board from the drop-down menu. The map will re-center and zoom to that location.

After you have zoomed to a location, click on the property to get the inspection and action information.

Click on any property for the inspection and health department action information. A pop-up will show the latest inspection type and result, and the number of inspections the property received since 2015. Properties that have not been inspected in the last six months will appear gray on the map but their inspection and action history is still available by clicking on the property. The property history can be viewed by clicking on Open Data, and the results will open in a new tab.

NYC Subway Rat Detector

TransitAbout 1.2 million New Yorkers use the Transit app every month to get around, according to its website. The GO feature in the app tells users when to leave for your stop, when to transfer and more.

When the app detects that you’ve arrived at a subway station, it will ask if you see any rats.

The NYC Subway Rat Detector’s results are in, and rats are everywhere in New York City.

The results update daily to show the last 30 days of statistics on rats throughout subway stops in the city. Rats were reported on 40 percent of subway trips and 27 percent of New Yorkers agree that “rats run the city.”

The website lists MTA’s Top 10 stations that had the highest percentage of rat spottings over the past 30 days.

Transit is also asking for feedback to measure transit quality of subway stations including accessibility, safety, cleanliness and more. Results are shared with fellow riders and transit agency partners to improve subway service.


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