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November 6, 2023



J.F. Oakes has added a new monitoring trap to its ready-to-use Pro-Pest line. The Pro-Pest Lookout boasts a highly effective, specially formulated attractant already impregnated into the glue for cockroaches and other common household crawling insects.

Pro-Pest Lookout is available as two traps per sheet (pictured), allowing pest management professionals the flexibility of having two separate traps or one larger trap. Both configurations offer ramps on both ends, even after separating along the perforation.

Pro-Pest Lookout monitoring traps are manufactured with heavy-duty cardboard and a printed black interior. Easy-to-follow directions and a tracking chart are printed on the bottom of each trap. The traps are discreet and easily placed to pinpoint infestations. Private labeling is also available.

Contact your local distributor for pricing and availability, or contact J. F. Oakes at 800-844-9296 or sales@jfoakes.com.

About J.F. Oakes Sales & Marketing

As a salesman of termite and rodent control products for a major chemical manufacturer for 26 years, Jim Oakes worked closely with both industry distributors and pest control companies all over the southeastern U.S. Recognizing a need for product lines specifically designed for the pest control industry, Oakes founded J.F. Oakes Sales & Marketing in May 1989.

With his experience and knowledge of termites and treatments, the first lines Oakes introduced were drill bits and spray hoses. Sheffield Masonry Drill Bits were designed with an emphasis on using quality European steel for durability and a full selection of shanks, diameters and lengths commonly used by pest control companies. Chemtrol, now known as Chemoak, was designed with consideration to chemical resistance, safety factors, working pressures, flexibility and ease of use.

Nearly four decades later, the product lines of J.F.Oakes Sales & Marketing include not only equipment, but encompass a wide range of products, including:

  • Advantage Flying Insect and Yellow Jacket Traps
  • Pro-Pest Professional Lures for Rodents and Nuisance Wildlife
  • XLure Pheromone Monitoring Traps
  • Pro-Pest and Safestore brands
  • Pro-Pest Pantry & Clothes Moth Traps
  • Pro-Pest Crawling Insect Traps
  • Pro-Pest Bedbug Monitors

J.F.Oakes Sales & Marketing sells its products through distributors in the U.S., Canada and internationally.


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