Nisus director presents Target webinar on cockroaches


November 6, 2023

Dr. Jamel Sandidge, BCE

Dr. Jamel Sandidge, BCE

Target Specialty Products will host a free webinar titled “Cockroaches: Biology, Behavior and IPM: Sanitation, Bio-sanitation, Control” on Nov. 30 at 1:30 p.m. Eastern.

The speaker for the webinar will be Dr. Jamel Sandidge, BCE, national director of technical services at Nisus Corp.

Dr. Sandidge will discuss:

  • Cockroaches, filth and money
  • Understanding microbial products and bio-sanitation
  • Pesticides and integrated pest management (IPM)
  • Sanitation, disinfection and disease control
  • Tools and equipment: benefits and limitations
  • What are the benefits of bio-sanitation in pest management for cockroach control?
  • Expectations: there is no replacement for cleaning
  • Service protocols for commercial kitchen

Dr. Sandidge has been involved in multiple levels of the pest management industry for the last 22 years. He joined Nisus Corp. in 2019 as the innovation platform leader for pest management systems, where he is responsible for driving the development and growth of new and existing products in the professional line. He is now the national director of technical dervices, where he supports the industry through education, training and technical support.

Dr. Sandidge is a board-certified entomologist who holds a masters’s degree in entomology and a doctorate in ecology and evolutionary biology from the University of Kansas. While attending grad school, he launched a pest management business, starting from the ground up. He owned and operated BRS Pest Control and Consulting for nine years, gaining practical experience in the field solving complex pest management issues. Dr. Sandidge previously served as a research entomologist with responsibilities in product research and development, efficacy testing and technical assistance.

Attendees will be invited to ask questions at the conclusion of the presentation. Registration for the webinar is now available.

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