VM Products: EZ Secured


December 7, 2023



The EZ Secured rodent bait station is built to adapt to its environment and withstand whatever nature throws its way. Constructed with VM Products’ patented process using lag screws and flexible fastening cones, the station and block lock together for simple shipment and movement. The external concrete block creates friction to keep the station in place and raises it above ground level to prevent flooding. Drains are placed throughout the station to keep the bait dry. This low-profile station is designed for durability with internal half-moon-shaped walls that keep water out of the baiting area and a dual wall structure that gives the station added strength. It includes a raised lip around the front of the station that deters unwanted entry.

This station can accommodate both bait and the APNG-621 snap trap. The durable hinge design and spring-loaded locking mechanisms provide extended servicing reliability. It comes standard with a removable EZ Service Tray and a gray Universal Key to make servicing quick and easy. The barcode is attached to the lid, providing a permanent inspection point, allowing for easy scanning, mapping, and logging as part of IPM field solutions. The station also has a built-in slot to hold the documentation cards. A removable EZ Service Tray with three puncture points to hold bait and a gray Universal Key come standard with the station to make servicing quick and easy. This product is 100 percent American made.

About VM Products

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