Product Insights: Cockroaches


December 11, 2023

Eric Ham

Eric Ham

RECENT INNOVATIONS: FMC is committed to providing sound solutions that help pest management professionals (PMPs) in their pest control programs. One way FMC achieves this is through a selection of products that can be used for cockroach control and giving PMPs solid options for use in their cockroach control protocols.

For example, CB-80, an aerosol containing pyrethrin and a synergist, is a staple product for flushing and knockdown. D-Force, with deltamethrin, is a broad-label aerosol residual product for crack-and-crevice and spot application in residential and commercial situations.

FMC also boasts a reliable liquid residual option for PMPs in Transport Mikron. This dilutable product contains both acetamiprid and bifenthrin for a one-two punch that controls tough cockroach situations in residential and commercial accounts.

The newest option for cockroach control in the FMC arsenal, however, is its Endius Cockroach Gel Bait. Available in early 2024 (pending label approval from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency), Endius features the AI indoxacarb in a proprietary bait matrix for superior control of cockroaches in tough residential and commercial accounts.

With the addition of Endius to the FMC product portfolio, FMC now has a product to fit in all comprehensive cockroach control protocol plans
for PMPs.

PREDICTIONS: We believe the best way to attack a cockroach problem will continue to be with a solid protocol for monitoring and treatment. Plan your work and work your plan to ensure successful removal of cockroach populations.

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