FMC: Scion Insecticide with UVX Technology


December 15, 2023



FMC’s Scion insecticide with trademarked UVX technology is the mosquito control product pest management professionals (PMPs) can count on. It is engineered with the active ingredient gamma-cyhalothrin to effectively control with a formulation that maintains continuous residual for up to 75 days, even when faced with harsh surfaces, high temperatures and intense sunlight.

This product is particularly beneficial for managing biting pest populations in areas where people tend to spend a lot of time outside. Not only are mosquito bites a nuisance, they can be a major health hazard, spreading illnesses like malaria and West Nile Virus. Defending against these dangerous pests requires a product that can deliver both efficacy and efficiency in any environment, a product like Scion.

In addition to providing an industry-leading shield against mosquitoes, Scion is designed to save PMPs both money and time. The residual from a single treatment means longer protection and fewer applications, limiting callbacks and saving on the labor and time costs required for each job site.

FMC is so confident that Scion will deliver on all these promises that it offers 75-day assurance programs for mosquitoes. Additional assurances for 75-day tick and 90-day perimeter are offered as well. Any FMC True Champions member who uses this product at the assurance rate is guaranteed no retreatments within that 75-day window. If a retreatment is required, FMC will supply the quantity of product needed for the service at no additional cost to the PMP.

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