Bell Sensing Technologies: T-REX iQ Rat Snap Traps


December 20, 2023



Pest management professionals (PMPs) know that rats travel in hard-to-reach areas. T-REX iQ rat snap traps utilize technology to make trapping easier at any account by checking traps without needing to access them.

As with the entire line of Bell’s durable iQ traps, the bases and tops of the T-REX iQ rat snap traps are made out of a strong polycarbonate material that holds up to active environments and won’t rust. Extensive field and laboratory testing ensure performance and reliability.

The T-REX iQ rat snap traps is just one of several rodent management traps and bait stations powered by Bell Sensing Technologies. Others in the line include Express iQ; 24/7 iQ ; Pulse Mouse iQ; Pulse Rat iQ; and Weighted Landscape iQ.

T-REX iQ has same ferocious trapping power that T-REX traps are known for, with its patented interlocking teeth making rat escapes virtually impossible. Its removable bait cup can be withdrawn, filled with an attractant and re-inserted without having the trap set.

Place T-REX iQ traps alone or in pairs back-to-back along rat pathways. You can also place the traps inside Bell’s rat-sized tamper-resistant bait stations, designed to accommodate T-REX, including:

  • EVO Express
  • EVO Ambush
  • EVO Circuit
  • EVO Landscape
  • EVO Weighted Landscape
  • EVO Edge
  • Protecta
  • Sidekick

Goodbye crawlspaces, attics, ceilings and other out-of-the-way locations until there is a verified catch. T-REX iQ rat snap traps communicate to the PMP whether any of the traps have a catch — before the PMP ever reaches for a ladder. Focus time and effort at accounts where it matters most, and never check an empty trap again.

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