Skyhawk: Trapmate


December 27, 2023



Remote monitoring is now an essential part of the pest control toolkit. Eliminating the need to check empty traps, it helps you provide even better service while saving time and money. Skyhawk Trapmate has emerged as a remote monitoring choice for pest and wildlife control professionals. The company is launching new hardware and software to meet professional monitoring needs. Add Trapmate to your arsenal and you can:

  • Stop checking empty traps. You’ll know which traps need checking and which you can skip.
  • Add monitoring to all your existing traps. Whether you use snap traps, multi-catch traps, animal traps or all of the above, Trapmate works with all of your existing traps, so you don’t need to buy new ones.
  • Install monitoring quickly. Connect a Trapmate sensor in a minute using Skyhawk’s custom adapters. Bring it online with just a scan — no pairing required.
  • Deploy monitoring anywhere. Trapmate will run for years on batteries, allowing you to monitor traps anywhere — regardless of whether there’s electrical power available.
  • Get one solution for all of your work. Trapmate provides monitoring for both rodent and wildlife control, so if you offer both services, you’ll have a unified monitoring solution.
  • Enjoy a low cost of ownership. Skyhawk makes everything it sells, so it can offer its products for less.

About Skyhawk

Based in Derry, N.H., Skyhawk is the Internet of Things (IoT) business unit of PICA Product Development (PPD), part of the PICA Group, a leading electronics manufacturer that for more than 30 years has helped technology leaders to bring a variety of innovative products to market.

Skyhawk has developed in its PRIoT platform the IoT industry’s only fully battery-powered connectivity solution. PRIoT combines long-range radio frequency connections to sensors, a cellular backhaul to the cloud, and a full suite of backend and applications software for sensor and gateway management.

Portable, easy to deploy and able to operate for years on off-the-shelf batteries, Skyhawk PRIoT enables new types of data collection solutions which haven’t been possible on other IoT platforms, such as the Skyhawk Trapmate electronic remote trap monitoring product line.

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