Control Solutions Inc.: PDS with Doxem Precise


January 3, 2024

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The Precision Delivery System (PDS) is Control Solutions Inc.’s (CSI’s) weapon for the wars on ants and cockroaches. The PDS was designed to apply Doxem Precise, a dry flowable bait formulation that is non-staining, long-lasting, and easy to apply, the company says. CSI also notes that pest management professionals (PMPs) will see fewer callbacks, because applications of Doxem Precise are effective for up to 2 years after placement. This allows you to reduce your labor costs and direct your technicians to other jobs. Additionally, using the PDS creates a consistent, systematic approach to applying Doxem Precise, leading to an increase in efficacy and a decrease in the cost per application.

One major challenge that PMPs can face in commercial kitchens is ant infestations. The PDS with Doxem Precise is a good solution in these types of accounts. The Precision Delivery System allows for deeper penetration, and with the Doxem Precise formula, there is no sticky residue.

Click on the video above to hear CSI Technical Services Manager Heather Patterson discuss how Doxem Precise can be a critical part of your pest management program.

About CSI

For more than 20 years, CSI has been a leader in the development of sustainable pest control formulations, with a wide array of active ingredients. According to its website, CSI is one of the fastest-growing companies in the industry. As one of the 40 subsidiaries that make up ADAMA, the fifth-largest agricultural chemical company in the world, CSI is able to not only offer a large selection of products, but also introduce such innovations as Combination Chemistry, Pressurized Solutions and Encapsulated Solutions.

The company can actually trace its roots to 1958, when President and CEO Mark Boyd’s father, Richard, purchased a small pest control company in Pasadena, Texas, and founded Ford’s Pest Control. By 1960, Richard Boyd launched Ford’s Chemical to formulate and sell pest control solutions to colleagues and the public. In 1976, he merged the two businesses into Ford’s Chemical and Service. Read more about the history in Pest Management Professional’s anniversary coverage in its July 2018 issue here.

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