Wildlife Control Consultant: Vertebrate Pest Handbook, Third Edition


January 8, 2024



Vertebrate Pest Specialist Stephen Vantassel, CWCP, ACP, ACE,  has published the third edition of The Vertebrate Pest Handbook: Questions & Answers on Norway Rats, Roof Rats, House Mice & Deer Mice. The new edition updates the commensal rodent information found in the second edition, which was authored by Pest Management Professional Hall of Famer Dr. Austin Frishman, BCE-Emeritus, in 1999 (Class of 2002).

There are more than 170 pages covering concepts and facts about commensal rodents’ biology, behavior, disease and control through a question-and-answer format. Question types include true and false, matching, and short answer as easy training aids for pest control companies.

About Stephen Vantassel

Vantassel is the vertebrate pest specialist for the Montana Department of Agriculture (2015-present). He was previously the program coordinator of distance education-wildlife damagemanagement for the University of Nebraska-Lincoln School of Natural Resources from 2004-2014. Vantassel became one of the first problem animal controllers in Massachusetts and one of the first nationally Certified Wildlife Control Operators (CWCPs) by the National Wildlife Control Operators Association. He founded Wildlife Removal Service, headquartered in his hometown of Springfield, Mass., which he eventually sold in 1998. He also founded the Massachusetts Association of Problem Animal Controllers.

Vantassel has discussed topics related to wildlife damage control on TV, radio and public settings. He has articles published in various magazines and newsletters, including The Probe, Fur-Fish & Game, Trapper & Predator Caller, Animal Damage Control, etc. He is a former assistant editor and staff writer for Wildlife Control Technology Magazine and continues to write for them. He has also published several books including, The Wildlife Removal Handbook, rev. ed., The Wildlife Damage Inspection Handbook 3rd Ed., and the National Wildlife Control Training Program Vols. 1-2.


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