Envu divests Rodent Monitoring System to Woodstream


January 16, 2024

Woodstream and EnvuEnvu announced the divestment of its Rodent Monitoring System (RMS) to Woodstream Corp., a global manufacturer of rodent and animal control products.

Featuring the latest Internet of Things (IoT) and sensor-based technology, the proprietary RMS is a wireless network of high-tech sensors that, when added to rodent traps, displays data from each monitor on a central RMS portal. With its integrated data-analysis software, the innovative platform allows pest control operators and facility managers to monitor facilities more efficiently for rodents and track trends that might indicate a persistent issue. By retrofitting traditional rodent traps with the RMS system, pest control operators eliminate the need to manually check each trap — a task that can be very time-consuming in larger facilities.

Envu has an existing partnership with Woodstream, whose Victor brand rodent traps pair well with the Envu RMS. Through a two-year collaboration, Woodstream’s VLINK devices are already integrated with the RMS software platform.

“As a focused environmental science leader that’s dedicated to 360-degree innovation, Envu is committed to developing forward-thinking solutions in a variety of forms,” Mark Schneid, Envu head of commercial operations, North America, said in the news release. “We are proud to have developed the RMS in response to an industry and customer need; today, we’re equally proud to pass the baton to a partner and leader in rodent control to continue to evolve and build upon this important digital platform.”

The Woodstream leadership team said in the news release that this acquisition will help round out its portfolio of connected rodent control devices.

“By combining the RMS sensor technology and supporting platform with our best-in-class devices and infrastructure Woodstream can offer our customers an end-to-end fully integrated rodent monitoring system,” said Ashley Brown, Woodstream vice president, Victor. “The real-time data the system provides will help keep facilities safe and rodent-free in a more strategic, efficient and sustainable way.”

The two organizations will work together over the next 90 days to shift the operational business from Envu to Woodstream.


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