Skyhawk: Trapmate Passive Infrared Motion Sensor


January 23, 2024



Skyhawk is introducing the latest member of its Trapmate family of electronic remote monitoring (ERM) products for pest and wildlife control.

The new Trapmate Passive Infrared Motion Sensor, optimized for use with multi-catch traps, uses a passive infrared (PIR) detector to sense the changes in temperature that rodents create when inside of a trap.

The PIR Motion Sensor was specifically engineered for accuracy, to reduce almost to zero the risk of false positive alerts.

With this launch, Trapmate now offers multiple options for remote trap monitoring:

  • PIR Motion Sensor: Ideal for multi-catch traps
  • Dual Vibration/Magnet Sensor: Ideal for snap traps and larger cage trap deployments
  • Kiwi: Designed for single cage trap deployments

The two sensors work in combination with the battery-powered Trapmate Hubs, which can monitor hundreds of traps each. The Kiwi is a standalone device.

With Trapmate, you can add monitoring to all of your existing gear, saving you money vs. other ERM systems which require you to buy special traps. Our sensors use replaceable batteries, so you never need to replace the sensor. Plus, our Hubs are economically price.

All of this combines to make Trapmate a powerful ERM system with a low lifetime cost of ownership.

Skyhawk adapters make attaching sensors to your traps a simple and quick process.

About Skyhawk

Based in Derry, N.H., Skyhawk is the Internet of Things (IoT) business unit of PICA Product Development (PPD), part of the PICA Group, a leading electronics manufacturer that for more than 30 years has helped technology leaders to bring a variety of innovative products to market.

Skyhawk has developed in its PRIoT platform the IoT industry’s only fully battery-powered connectivity solution. PRIoT combines long-range radio frequency connections to sensors, a cellular backhaul to the cloud, and a full suite of backend and applications software for sensor and gateway management.

Portable, easy to deploy and able to operate for years on off-the-shelf batteries, Skyhawk PRIoT enables new types of data collection solutions which haven’t been possible on other IoT platforms, such as the Skyhawk Trapmate electronic remote trap monitoring product line.



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