AAC Distributing: XclusionPro Super Sealant Ultra Clear Cold Weather Formula


January 31, 2024



Made in the USA, new XclusionPro Super Sealant Ultra Clear Cold Weather Formula was designed specifically with exclusion work of large insects, as well as rodents and other wildlife, in mind. It offers a short skim time and is paintable. The sealant works best under 55 degrees Fahrenheit, and even performs well in freezing temperatures. It is available as 30 tubes per case, and 24 cases per pallet.

About AAC Distributing

AAC Distributing was founded in December 2016 by the Siri family as a distribution company specializing in American-made products for the wildlife control industry. The Siri family owned and operated a wildlife removal company for many years. During that time, AAC Distributing was formed due to offer high quality, durable and effective exclusion products. Armed with the knowledge of an experienced wildlife control operator (WCOS), Tony Siri fabricated a product to keep animals, bats, birds and insects out of the ridge vent of homes without obstructing proper airflow. This product, now known as RIDGE-GUARD, is considered by many WCOs to be a “game changer” for exclusion work. Since then, the Siri family and their trusted team members have developed their XclusionPro line, which includes XclusionPro XP, XclusionPro XL, XclusionPro BVG, XclusionPro FVG, XclusionPro LVG, XclusionPro FAD, XclusionPro SignWrap, XclusionPro Super Sealant, and many more custom solutions and products.

The AAC Distributing team continues to research and develop new and innovative products that will solve structural problems for WCOs and pest management professionals (PMPs). In addition, they focus on educating and training business owners across the nation on exclusion work and sales techniques.


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