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February 1, 2024



To achieve effective pest control, every inch of a customer’s space needs to be protected, even the areas within gaps, cracks and crevices that pest management professionals (PMPs) won’t be able to reach without a little help. These areas can serve as both access points into the building and hiding spots for insect pests, making an insecticide that can reach in even the smallest spaces critical for complete insect management. When PMPs need to deliver a powerful insecticide into a small space, they can turn to CB-80 to unlock control in hard-to-reach areas.

CB-80 is an industry-leading flushing and contact aerosol insecticide. This product offers an 8:1 synergist to pyrethrins ratio and dual-spray-action actuator to provide PMPs access to all the nooks and crannies in a building, while the two active ingredients — pyrethrins and piperonyl butoxide (PBO) — ensure that the more than 20 labeled insect pest species will have nowhere to hide.

The reach of CB-80 extends even further thanks to its broad list of registered use sites. CB-80’s formulation does not contain acetone or any ozone-depleting substances, and it is compliant with all current volatile organic compounds (VOC) standards. This allows it to be used in restaurants and other food-handling establishments; on mattresses to treat for fleas and bed bugs; and other sensitive areas such as hospitals, supermarkets and hotels.

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The FMC Global Specialty Solutions (GSS) business utilizes market knowledge and gifted scientists at its Stine Research Center in Newcastle, Del., to serve growing needs in expanding markets. By leveraging FMC’s global agricultural technology portfolio, the GSS business has served a diversified mix of non-crop segments, including golf courses, lawn care, structural pest control, vegetation management, nursery and ornamental, vector and consumer.

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