Pi Chi Omega seeks applications for scholarships, Industry Grant Program


February 8, 2024

LOGO: PI CHI OMEGAPi Chi Omega is now accepting applications for its six scholarships and the Industry Grant Program.

The national fraternity for pest management professionals (PMPs) has been awarding scholarships to undergraduate and graduate students pursuing degrees in urban and industrial pest management since 1976. To date, more than $247,000 in scholarship support and been provided to more than 145 students. Many of the students who have enjoyed Pi Chi Omega scholarships have become industry icons, like Dr. Bobby Corrigan, who was the very first recipient and is a PMP Hall of Famer. 

The 2024 Pi Chi Omega Scholarship program has been launched and will award six individual scholarships totaling $13,000. Eligibility is open to currently enrolled undergraduate or graduate college students who are engaged in the study of urban or industrial pest management and are interested in pursuing this field as a career. Applicants who are actively working toward completing their degree may apply by March 15, 2024.

Visit https://www.pichiomega.org/scholarship/ for more information and to download an application. If you have an eligible student at home, or the office, who could make good use of a scholarship, please share this information with them.

In addition, the newly introduced Pi Chi Omega Industry Grant Program (IGP) is aimed at providing grant funds to industry professionals who are eager to grow their passion for pest management by pursuing professional development opportunities. The grant is meant to encourage talent already working in the pest control industry to stay in the industry, and to grow as professionals.

Through the IGP, grant funds are available to assist select qualified individuals to continue learning, take advantage of professional growth opportunities, or generate entrepreneurial product development prospects. Examples of activities that a grant would be considered appropriate for include, but are not limited to:

  • Conference attendance
  • Attaining industry certifications
  • College or technical-level courses
  • Advanced skill acquisition
  • New product creation
  • Publishing or disseminating relevant information to the industry.

The IGP was created to support professional growth within our industry. Pi Chi Omega has purposely made the parameters for qualifying grant requests broad.

“We don’t want to limit what types of assistance professionals can seek funding for,” said James Miller, ACE, IGP chair and president-elect of Pi Chi Omega, as well as sales and market manager of Trécé Inc. “Any professional wanting to advance their career in some specific way is encouraged to apply for a Pi Chi Omega Industry Grant.

The IGP Selection committee will work with the applicant, their employer, if applicable, and any other appropriate organizations to collaborate on the best way to work together to maximize the benefit to the grantee.

Through the donations of several different entities, $107,500 has been contributed to the IGP which established two grants that will provide support for professional development well into the future. To receive this much support within the first two years of creating the IGP indicates there is a great deal of support and need. Part of the money received will be invested to grow funds for future grants, but each year funds will be set aside for making at least two potential grants for both of the following grants:

Pi Chi Omega accepts applications on a rolling basis and will review and award grants twice a year. The first application deadline is coming up March 15, followed by a second deadline of Sept. 15. If you have a professional development plan and need assistance, please apply. If you know of a professional who could take advantage of this opportunity, please share this information. Details about the IGP and a downloadable application can be found on the Pi Chi Omega website under the Scholarship & Grants tab.

If you are interested in making a contribution the Pi Chi Omega Scholarship Fund or the Industry Grant Fund, visit http://tinyurl.com/GIVETOPCO. For larger contributions, please contact Pi Chi Omega staff.


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