WorkWave: PestPac


February 8, 2024



Customer relationships are at the heart of your business, from finding prospects and nurturing leads to signing new clients and fostering customer loyalty. With more than 40 years of pest control industry expertise, PestPac by WorkWave is tailored to provide pest businesses of all sizes with the tools they need to attract customers every step of the way.

From your first interaction with a new lead, PestPac is designed to empower you to stay organized and ensure you’re communicating efficiently with lead capturing, prompts for next steps, and the ability to create, track, manage and report on sales activities. With detailed account information and sales reporting, PestPac has everything you need to close more sales and be “the best in pest.”

About WorkWave

Founded in 1984, WorkWave empowers professional pest management and other field service businesses of all sizes with forward-looking technology and services so they can focus on reaching their full potential. There are many steps to the business journey for field services – from signing new customers, delivering service in the field, to invoicing and everything in between. Gaining new customers requires even more: brand awareness, digital marketing and lead generation. WorkWave brings together multiple organizations — including RealGreen, Coalmarch, Slingshot, TEAM Software and TaskEasy — top talent, and a leading product portfolio under one roof to become a strong partner to its customers, powering their growth at every stage.

For the professional pest management industry, WorkWave’s flagship product is PestPac. This powerful, scalable and integrated solution combines marketing, sales, office and field operations, customer experience, and payments functionality to empower residential and commercial pest control businesses to grow business, efficiently service customers and maximize cash flow.

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