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February 8, 2024



Built on more than four decades of industry experience, PestPac by WorkWave is designed to empower both residential and commercial pest control companies of all sizes to grow their businesses, efficiently service their customers, and maximize their cash flow. Officially integrated with IoT, PestPac is built to run every aspect of its customers’ businesses through one marketing, sales, office management, mobile field operations, customer experience and payments platform. PestPac is both powerful and scalable, the company says.

About WorkWave

The third annual WorkWave user conference, Beyond Service 24, took place in January 2024 at the Hilton Orlando in Orlando, Fla. Among the highlights were how David Ittner, chief technology officer of WorkWave, presented examples of how WorkWave services have changed and been redesigned for a more modern look.

Ittner said there have been many advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) in 2023 from companies such as Microsoft, Google and more.

“WorkWave sees the huge potential in generative AI,” Ittner said.

In 2023, WorkWave expanded its AI program to explore generative AI technology more broadly to help productivity within the WorkWave company and also in the products its customers use.

Ittner said the key themes for WorkWave going into 2024 include cloud infrastructure; modernization; and scale, performance and stability. These themes will help enable greater performance operations and modernize the software to make it more user friendly and help its users’ companies continue to grow, he added.

Katie McCaskill, director of client success at Coalmarch by WorkWave, led “5 Action-Packed Ways to Use AI to Improve Your Home Service Business Operations.” The topic of AI was brought back to this year’s conference after it a popular topic at the conference in 2023, since AI is rapidly changing and being adopted by companies.

Here are some highlights from the session on ways to use AI in your company:

  1. Resume screening. An AI tool, like Breezy, can screen resumes to see what candidates best match your company and also rank the candidates during resume screening to see what candidates best line up with your company. AI can also be used to write job descriptions that include roles, certification, experience and expectations in a professional and welcoming way.
  2. Interviewing and hiring. AI can create interview questions, do initial interviews with candidates to see if they match what your company is looking for, and to take notes during a meeting so the interviewer can focus on the interviewee or give the notes to another person in the company.
  3. Training. AI can generate training materials by searching your industry. Others can analyze call data and customer interactions to general call scripts for you company to use.
  4. Customer service. Reduce customer service calls to your office by adding AI Chatbots to your company’s website for customer communication. It will also increase your company’s customers service and availability of your employees. Customer surveys created by AI can also find out if there are problems or patterns within your company.
  5. Business operations. AI can analyze customers area service addresses and previous routes to create more efficient routes as well as dynamic planning to make the most of employee schedules. It can also monitor the condition of equipment so it can anticipate potential maintenance issues before it occurs.

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