Envu partners with Indiana University


February 14, 2024

Envu and Indiana UniversityEnvu will collaborate with Indiana University to develop and commercialize new biological technologies in vector control.

The partnership was formed in response to the critical environmental and global health challenges posed by vector-borne diseases such as malaria and dengue.

By combining proven Envu expertise in developing and commercializing innovative solutions with the cutting-edge scientific research and intellectual property of Indiana University, the partnership is positioned to bring forth highly effective and environmentally friendly solutions to control mosquitoes. Additionally, because these novel solutions will be biological and highly species-specific, they will allow pest management professionals and mosquito abatement professionals to target mosquitoes specifically without potentially affecting other non-target organisms.

“Envu is excited to have an exclusive partnership with Indiana University to develop new technologies that will help protect public health and the environment,” Bernard Jacqmin, Envu head of global innovation, said in the news release. “Together, we will develop and commercialize innovative products to help control the spread of vector-borne diseases with new and highly effective modes of action. Leveraging strategic partnerships that capitalize on our respective strengths aligns with our commitment to 360-degree innovation and allows us to deliver a broad range of solutions for our customers’ greatest challenges.”

In addition to benefiting human health and the environment, these new technologies will create an asset in the fight against insecticide resistance, the company said.

“As a preeminent research institution, Indiana University researchers engage in high-impact research to advance knowledge and improve people’s lives,” said Hanping Guan, director of entrepreneurship in the Indiana University Innovation and Commercialization Office. “We are thrilled to collaborate with industry leaders like Envu to transform discoveries from labs into market solutions that prevent disease transmission through mosquitoes, ultimately saving lives.”

Envu and Indiana University will share progress updates as milestones are reached along the way to commercialization.


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