Avian Enterprises: Avian Fog Force TR Bird Repellent


February 20, 2024

Fog Force TR


Avian Fog Force TR offers pest management professionals an exclusive, timed-release aerosol bird repellent that is specifically designed for areas such as outdoor dining spaces, patios, swimming pools, workshops, storage sheds and other semi-enclosed areas. The active ingredient, methyl anthranilate (MA), is a proven and non-toxic repellent that, when coupled with its battery-operated time release dispenser, delivers an intermittent, invisible, vapor-like mist that provides at minimum 30 days of bird control with each canister if set at the most frequent mist setting. Registered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Avian Fog Force TR is a bio-pesticide that controls unwanted birds by delivering a mist that irritates birds’ pain centers, teaching the birds to avoid the area after exposure. The timed release misting system can be programmed to operate only during the hours of bird activity, constantly reinforcing the repellent effect. One Avian Fog Force TR unit is able to control more than 35,000 cubic feet of space.

About Avian Enterprises

The Sylvan Lake, Mich.-based company was begun as a result of helping a client for its existing business. As its website explains:

In 2008, a Chicago area waste transfer station with a terrible bird problem called us at our affiliate company, Stone Soap Company, for help. The situation was so bad that employees had to wear raincoats and rain hats to protect themselves from bird droppings.

After many months of research and testing, we developed a revolutionary liquid bird repellent formula that, when sprayed or fogged, solved the bird problem. The birds were successfully driven away from the waste transfer station with no harm to the birds, the environment or the station personnel. We began to explore the potential for a repellent that would successfully repel birds without causing them harm. The formula was tested and refined and in 2009 we submitted Avian Control to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) for registration. We received our registration in mid-2010.



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