Insects Limited: All Beetle AA Carpet Beetle Kit


February 23, 2024



Working closely with the pest control industry, Insects Limited recognized pest management professionals (PMPs) needed a device that could fit in areas suspected of insect infestation without taking any space. The All Beetle AA Carpet Beetle Kit (IL-2110) includes complete All Beetle traps, dermestid attractant lures, the company’s trademarked pheromone Bullet Lures for varied carpet beetles (Anthrenus verbasci) and black carpet beetles (Attagenus unicolor), as well as a glue board specifically designed to fit the All Beetle trap removable tray.

The dermestid attractant is a custom attractant lure for all types of dermestid beetle larvae and adults, including not only the carpet beetles listed above but also:

  • warehouse beetles (Trogoderma variabile)
  • odd beetles (Thylodrias contractus)
  • hide beetles (Dermestes maculatus)
  • larder beetles (Dermestes lardarius)

These lures are comprised of a combination of multiple food attractants that have been tested both in the laboratory and in the field on dermestid beetle larvae and adults.

These lures that will attract a multitude of species will remain attractive for 12 months. The larval stages as well as adult male and female carpet beetles are attracted to the lure, and are readily stuck in the glue for monitoring purposes when paired with an appropriate trapping system.

All these features come together to create an effective monitor for the presence of dermestid insects. The All Beetle trap has a clear view lid for easy inspection, a sturdy polypropylene base, and a replaceable tray that snaps in from below. This low-profile trap slides easily beneath equipment or fits nicely into corners or along walls.

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