Bird Barrier: Pro-Peller


March 2, 2024



Now available in silver for land birds, in addition to the original red unit, Pro-Peller is a reflective, rotating product from the developers of the Eagle Eye. It consists of two wings with large reflective angles to provide long-range strobes, as well as two faceted cups adding a menacing flashing pattern in all directions. It is designed to work best when used in partnership with The Bird Breezer and Eagle Eyes, when included into a placement scheme as provided by Bird Barrier. In most cases, Pro-Peller and The Bird Breezer will allow the more expensive Eagle Eyes to be placed further apart, offering an economical solution.

About Bird Barrier America

Established in 1993, Bird Barrier America is an eco-friendly manufacturer and supplier of bird control products and services to a global market. It specializes in urban and natural bird control to effectively relocate pest birds humanely and without harm. The Carson, Calif.-based company takes pride in providing new and modern technology that improves successful bird control and prevents unwanted birds from landing, roosting or nesting in locations that need protection.

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