Wildlife Control Supplies: WCS No-See’Um Chimney Raccoon Trap


March 2, 2024



After a long absence and a new manufacturer behind it, the innovative WCS No-See’Um chimney raccoon trap (WCSNOSEE) is once again available for order. The trap fits right down into the chimney flue and is hidden from sight.  The locking mechanism of the No-See’Um trap has a visual indicator flag attached ,which allows you or your customer to check the trap from the ground. When the flag drops, you have made a capture!

The body of the No-See’Um is 1-inch-square galvanized mesh and will deliver years of service. The doors at both ends of the trap are constructed of sturdy 10.5 gauge 0.5-by-2-inch mesh.  The trap fits both 9-by-13- and 13-by-13-inch chimney flues. The trap itself measures 9 inches wide by 5 inches high by 38 inches long, and weighs approximately 13 pounds.

The No-See’Um Chimney raccoon trap has a hinged flange at the bottom end of the trap, which expands against the side of the chimney to funnel the raccoon into the trap. To activate the trap, a raccoon climbs up the flue, is funneled through the passive door of the trap, and reaches the top where there is a fine piece of wire holding the locking bar in an elevated position. When the wire is dislodged, the locking bar slides down, positively locking the door behind the raccoon.


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