EZ Product Selector


March 4, 2024


IMAGE: LABELSDS.COM introduces the EZ Product Selector, a free new program/app for the pest control industry. EZ Product Selector helps you find the right product for the job by allowing you to search for products according to all or some of the following criteria: active ingredients, labeled pests, use sites, signal word, formulation type, personal protective equipment (PPE) requirements, etc. The EZ Product Selector makes researching for the right product fast and easy. subscribers can access the EZ Product Selector directly through the program or app.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Select your search criteria.
  2. Search by service type, active ingredients, labeled pests, use sites, formulation type, mode of action, signal word and more.
  3. After selecting the desired search criteria, click the “update search” button.
  4. Within a matter of seconds, the EZ Product Selector will search through the database of more than 6,500 products to find the products that match the search criteria.

Visit to sign up for your free account today.

About is a web-based program with more than 6,500 product labels and safety data sheets (SDS) specific to the pest and turf industries.  You can create your own company digital label and SDS “book” with the products your company uses.  All your employees can access, download, print, email and text your company’s labels and SDS from their computer, tablet or smartphone.  Best of all, your company’s labels and SDSs update automatically whenever there is a revision. is designed to be an easy and affordable way to access and manage your company’s labels and SDS.

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