PelGar USA: Roban Gold Entrap


March 8, 2024



New Roban Gold Entrap monitoring gels are non-toxic and ready-to-use to entice rats and mice to rodent traps, stations and glue boards. Four flavors are available: Vanilla, Apple, Amaretto, and Peanut Butter. They have been specially formulated to meet the behaviorial characteristics of rats while avoiding triggering rats’ neophobic tendencies. They are also attractive to mice, as well. Each 35-gram tube features its own plunger and cap, but can be used in most gel guns — including PelGar’s own Black Bait Gun — for ease of application. The gels are available in boxes of four, either mixed or single flavor. The product made its debut Feb. 28 exclusively at the Pest Management Professional Growth Summit in Orlando, Fla.

About PelGar

Based in the United Kingdom, PelGar provides products and expertise in more than 60 countries worldwide, including the United States. The company supports customers who are directly involved in controlling nuisance pests, national campaigns against the vectors of disease, and local and national Conservation in Partnership (CiP) projects. PelGar’s global network of experienced staff and in-country resources guarantee an exceptional level of service.


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