Mosquito Squad launches 4 Pest Packages


March 12, 2024

MOSQUITO SQUADMosquito Squad recently launched a line of four new Pest Packages that cater to the individual needs of homeowners with pest infestations.

To deliver effective pest control services within its local territories, Mosquito Squad has tailored each package to help protect against the pests prevalent in those specific markets.

Each package is designed to provide proactive protection and prescriptive treatments. The four new Mosquito Squad Pest Packages include:

  • Squad Home Shield – Designed to address a wide variety of common outdoor household pests throughout the seasons, including ants, spiders and cockroaches. These pests can create several health and safety issues, including structural damage to the home caused by carpenter ants, or increased allergies and asthma symptoms caused by cockroaches.
  • Squad Fly Control – A specialized solution designed to help keep outdoor living spaces free from bothersome and disease-transmitting flies and gnats.
  • Squad Invader Guard – This treatment effectively manages invasive and home-invading pests like spotted lanternflies and stink bugs, helping to safeguard the overall health of the home and outdoor living space, including plants, from such pests.
  • Squad Yard Defender – Offering continuous protection against a range of common pests, including ticks, fleas and mound-building ants, this comprehensive solution helps deliver peace of mind year-round and reduces the risk of bites and stings from these pests that can carry disease or cause painful bites.

“The health and safety of homeowners is our top priority at Mosquito Squad, and we’re committed to educating them on the importance of proactive and prescriptive pest control,” Dr. Kurt Vandock, vice president of strategic growth for Mosquito Squad and the former head of community health for Bayer Environmental Science, the legacy company of Envu, said in the news release. “With nearly two decades of experience, we recognize that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to pest control. Whether we’re treating an existing infestation or preventing problems ahead of the peak season, Mosquito Squad’s highly trained technicians will work with homeowners to select the ideal Pest Package, tailored to combat the specific public health risks in our serviced territories.”

In addition to Pest Packages, Mosquito Squad continues to offer homeowners year-round mosquito and tick protection through its Mosquito Control Barrier Protection System.

Mosquito Squad Pest Packages are rolling out to select franchise locations this spring. Available packages will vary by location.


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