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March 19, 2024



For the past 25 years, Talstar Professional insecticide has been an industry standard, effectively providing long-lasting control over ants, termites, cockroaches and more than 70 other pests with one of the broadest labels of any pest control product on the market. Its active ingredient, bifenthrin, was developed by FMC, and has become the blueprint for other companies trying to replicate the long-lasting power and success of Talstar Professional.

But, you just can’t beat the original.

In addition to its wide range of control and efficacy that have stood the test of time, and allowed it to remain the top choice for many pest management professionals (PMPs), Talstar features a water-based formulation for non-irritating application. It contains no odors or plant-dissolving substances and leaves behind no residues or phytotoxicity. Once it has dried, the only evidence that Talstar has been sprayed at all is its powerful insect control, the company says.

These low-impact applications also make Talstar one of the most flexible products on the market, and it is approved for use in nearly every application. Labeled use sites include both indoors and out, even in commercial settings, industrial buildings and food-handling spaces. With more than two decades of providing PMPs with the ultimate pest control solution, Talstar Professional is a proven choice for a wide-reaching, long-lasting, adaptable insecticide.

About FMC

The FMC Global Specialty Solutions (GSS) business utilizes market knowledge and gifted scientists at its Stine Research Center in Newcastle, Del., to serve growing needs in expanding markets. By leveraging FMC’s global agricultural technology portfolio, the GSS business has served a diversified mix of non-crop segments, including golf courses, lawn care, structural pest control, vegetation management, nursery and ornamental, vector and consumer.

Continued research and development has led FMC as it ventures into new markets, traditional herbicides, insecticides and fungicides. Future solutions include molecules with new modes of action, differentiated biological products, natural repellents, encapsulated formulations and precision applications for existing products.

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