Aantex acquires Green Hornet Pest Control


March 20, 2024

AanntexAantex Pest Control, a Brentwood, Calif.-based provider of integrated pest management solutions, has acquired Aromas, Calif.-based Green Hornet Pest Control. The acquisition went into effect March 1, 2024; pricing was not disclosed.

“We are excited to bring on the Green Hornet family, and are excited to enhance our capabilities and better serve all our customers,” CEO Sean McCauley said in a news release.

In a statement, the Green Hornet Pest Control team noted that “joining forces with Aantex Pest Control represents a significant milestone for us. We share a common vision to deliver superior pest control solutions that are safe for the environment.”

About Aantex Pest Control

Per his biography page, founder and co-owner Sean McCauley was president and founder for more than 15 years of one of the largest pest management companies in Northern California. He also served as a regional VP of operations for Home Team Pest Defense. He is a past Chairman and board member of the Pest Control Operators of California (PCOC), and has been featured in several notable, national publications. Other career highlights include:

  • Serving as an advisor to the first stages of standards for integrated pest management (IPM) requirements by state and local agencies.
  • Establishing residential and commercial pesticide regulations for less pesticide exposure to the environment.
  • Consulting on acquisitions for several national pest management companies, as well as regional and local companies.

Outside the industry, McCauley’s passion and expertise is in agricultural pest management, farming and crop horticulture. He currently farms more than 200 acres of Spanish and Italian varietals of olives.


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