Kness Pest Defense: Stick-All Glue Trap


March 20, 2024



As summer creeps up, insects sneak in and invade homes. Tiny pests can become a huge problem in a short amount of time.

The Kness Stick-All Glue Trap is a sticky solution to an unpleasant problem. Stick-All Glue Traps are pre-scented to attract and trap multiple insects. Plus, the slim package design utilizes minimal storage and shelf space, making these sticky traps a must-have for your toolkit.

With no baiting or monitoring required, they are both easy to use and sanitary. Use in a variety of locations, such as homes, offices, warehouses, food plants, hospitals, restaurants and more.

About Kness Pest Defense

Kness Pest Defense, based in Albia, Iowa, celebrates 100 years of business in 2024.

In 1924, Austin Enos “Brick” Kness, then a janitor at an Iowa high school, created the world’s first multiple-catch mousetrap. The product evolved into the Ketch-All Mousetrap, which was the springboard for various pest control products and inventions and the founding of Kness Manufacturing.

Flash forward 100 years, and Kness Pest Defense continues to manufacture and sell professional-grade, industry-leading pest control solutions. The company attributes its success to its far-reaching global distribution and customer network as well as the unwavering dedication of its team to provide innovative, reliable and easy-to-use pest control products.

Similar to the company’s longevity, Kness’ line of reusable, professional-grade products are known to be proven, durable, and produced from high-grade materials. Each product is thoroughly hand-tested per the company’s rigorous quality control processes. A less-than-1-percent product return rate exemplifies Kness’ commitment to quality.

To celebrate the company’s century milestone, Kness has developed a celebratory landing page containing historical facts and content that can be viewed at Throughout 2024, the company will be promoting its rich history and success stories across all marketing touchpoints.


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