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March 21, 2024



Technicide, a prominent name in the industry since its inception in 1989 by pest management professional (PMP) Jim Harper, has consistently delivered innovative solutions for pest control. The company’s commitment to excellence is evident in its range of cutting-edge tools designed to enhance efficiency and effectiveness in pest eradication.

One of Technicide’s standout offerings is the Exacticide, a handheld pest eradication tool that revolutionizes the way PMPs approach pest control. With its multi-speed dial for flow control and long-lasting battery, the Exacticide helps to ensure precise and uninterrupted application of pest control products, saving time and resources for PMPs.

In addition to the Exacticide, Technicide offers two additional game-changing tools: the Tech-Reach Bait Pro and the Techni-Baiter rodent bait station:

  • The Tech-Reach Bait Pro is a remarkable extension for bait applicators, providing PMPs with the ability to reach far above, behind and around customers’ items. This innovative tool minimizes waste by ensuring that no pest control bait is wasted from the gun, thanks to the bait tube that attaches securely to the end of the 24-inch bait gun applicator extension. With the Tech-Reach Bait Pro, PMPs can achieve precision baiting in even the most challenging and inaccessible areas, improving the overall effectiveness of pest control treatments.
  • Designed for ease of use and maximum efficiency, the Techni-Baiter rodent bait station offers a 15- to 20-second routine service time for each bait station, significantly reducing labor costs and streamlining maintenance processes. Its key connects seamlessly to the end of an extension pole or threaded broomstick, allowing PMPs easy access to bait stations without the physical labor of bending over and getting up, over and over again. With four compartments for bait — one exposed to the rodent and three airtight for easy bait storage and replacement — the Techni-Baiter simplifies the baiting process while ensuring optimal pest control outcomes.

Both the Tech-Reach Bait Pro and the Techni-Baiter have garnered praise from PMPs over the years for their efficiency, reliability and ability to improve overall pest control operations. Technicide’s commitment to innovation and excellence shines through its range of advanced pest management tools, including the Exacticide, Tech-Reach Bait Pro and Techni-Baiter, all of which contribute to more efficient, cost-effective and reliable pest control solutions for PMPs.

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