PelGar: Monark Soft Bait


March 23, 2024



Spring is in the air, and through the breeding season rodents will need higher-calorie foods to sustain their activity. This often causes a drop in bait-take as they search for suitable food sources. Monark Soft Bait from PelGar is formulated using a blend of quality, culinary-grade wheat flour, chopped grain and soft lard to produce a highly palatable bait — ideal for breeding season. The active ingredient difenacoum has a low LD50 rate, making it a solid choice for use in and around homes where non-targets, including pets, are a concern.  Supplied in 16-pound pails, Monark Soft Bait sachets are easily skewered on to a bait station rod or spike for security.

About PelGar

Based in the United Kingdom, PelGar provides products and expertise in more than 60 countries worldwide, including the United States. The company supports customers who are directly involved in controlling nuisance pests, national campaigns against the vectors of disease, and local and national Conservation in Partnership (CiP) projects. PelGar’s global network of experienced staff and in-country resources guarantee an exceptional level of service.


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