Liphatech: TakeDown II series


March 26, 2024



Pest management professionals (PMPs) who need to “take down” rodents can count on Liphatech for a solution. TakeDown II, featuring the active ingredient bromethalin, is available to the professional pest control market. As an acute rodenticide, it can provide faster results than anticoagulant rodenticides. It is effective in fighting anticoagulant-resistant rodent populations and heavy infestations, especially those in a commercial setting. The first dead rodents may appear in two or more days after a lethal dose of TakeDown II is consumed. TakeDown II is available in both soft baits and mini blocks and can be used by PMPs to target Norway rats, roof rats and house mice indoors or outdoors. TakeDown II soft bait and mini blocks offer the same great benefits, providing PMPs options for what works best for their individual customers amidst the harder challenges:

TakeDown II Soft Bait features a formula that is palatable to rats and mice. The bait maintains its integrity even in hot environments. TakeDown II soft bait is available in 8-gram pouches in 4-pound bags. It is sold by the case with four 4 -pound bags.

TakeDown II Mini Blocks are designed with rodent gnawing edges and feature a center hole for securing the bait on vertical or horizontal rods in bait stations. TakeDown II mini blocks are 14 grams and available in 4-pound bags, with a case consisting of four 4-pound bags. At this writing, TakeDown II mini blocks are registered in all states except Hawaii and Maine.

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