WorkWave: PestPac Updates


March 27, 2024

IMAGE: WORKWAVEWorkWave, a Holmdel, N.J.-based provider of software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions that support every stage of a service business’s life cycle, has released  its newly modernized, industry-leading PestPac by WorkWave platform. This release is a full upgrade of PestPac’s core application, delivering a modern, intuitive user interface, combined with behind-the-scenes changes that allow PestPac to handle the entire footprint of any pest control provider in one instance, across all of North America, using scalable native cloud technology.  This release also lays the foundation for further workflow and efficiency improvements that will be spaced out across the coming months, delivering a new, elevated user experience, while allowing users to intuitively adapt to these changes.

This new release also provides customers with the ability to operate PestPac in multiple languages. This gives North American customers the ability to utilize PestPac in Canadian-English, with French-Canadian and Spanish coming shortly, and gives WorkWave the ability to bring its leading pest platform to the United Kingdom; Europe, the Middle East and Africa; and the Asia–Pacific region, where it already has local offices operating.

“Customers are now seeing what looks and feels like an updated PestPac, but this release is significantly more,”  WorkWave CEO David Giannetto stated in a news release. “The new PestPac is a foundation for us to deliver the next generation of technology to our customers that will take user efficiency, productivity and scalability to a level that this industry has not previously seen.”

This new version of PestPac includes:

  • Enhanced User Interactions: The introduction of a new look and feel that facilitates a more efficient user workflow and improved customer experience. Cards for location and billing information — along with redesigned buttons and icons — modernize the user experience, aligning it with the latest user interface standards.
  • Streamlined Navigation and Workflow: Redesigned page details and advanced search screens, making them more intuitive and easier to navigate by increasing spacing and header sizes for a cleaner, decluttered appearance.
  • Performance Improvements to Handle Large Datasets: True enterprise-level scalability, with the ability to have the entire data set of any pest or blended pest-green operator retained within one instance, with increased security, performance and reliability throughout the entire workday.
  • Refreshed Appointment Scheduler: Recognizing the critical role of scheduling in our customers’ operations, the appointment scheduler has been revamped to include changes in color-driven workflows, intuitive layouts, and a new popup design for appointments that now offers a more organized, improved customer experience for schedulers.
  • Updated Payment and Service Order Posting: The updated design helps users easily identify and select the correct options, reducing the risk of errors while delivering a more straightforward way to process payments and manage service orders.
  • PCI & SOC Compliance: PestPac’s upgrades include full compliance with the industry’s top security and compliance standards.
  • International Expansion: PestPac now has the capability to operate with multiple languages and financial reporting requirements, with Canadian-English now available, and French-Canadian and Spanish launching shortly.

This release also contains the foundation for future phases of PestPac’s modernization that will focus on creating more efficient user workflows, including:

  • Artificial intelligence-driven intelligence
  • Dual-side rail navigation
  • Modernized displays and menus
  • User-specific quick access
  • Quick Search enhancements
  • Efficient and streamlined navigation capabilities
  • Flexible navigation toggle

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