Catchmaster Pro: Catch Zone


March 31, 2024



Catchmaster’s trademarked Catch Zone pest boundary roll product is designed to revolutionize pest control for large areas — with extensive coverage (60 feet x 12 inches per roll) and versatility. Scented and easily cut, it efficiently traps and controls mice and insects. It’s an economical choice for swiftly covering large, sensitive areas, and ideal for cleanouts and food production areas. It can also be used to quarantine incoming pallets by forming a pest-proof barrier around them. Ready to use, intuitive and disposable, Catch Zone offers hassle-free deployment, lasting up to one year. Its non-toxic, mess-free formulation ensures safety in various environments, setting a new standard in integrated pest management with both protection and convenience.

About Catchmaster Pro

Catchmaster Pro is the professional brand of AP&G Co., a leading manufacturer of pest management solutions. Using a science-based approach, the company creates high-quality products for rodent, insect and mosquito management. Founded in 1952 in Brooklyn, N.Y., by Moses Frisch, an immigrant chemist from Hungary, AP&G Co. started with the production of specialty adhesives. Now based in Bayonne, N.J., with third-generation Frisch family members at the helm, AP&G has helped to support PMPs in their control, monitoring and prevention work of pests worldwide. Key milestones include introducing the Catchmaster brand to the pest control industry in 1977; the first Catchmaster glue traps in 1982; Catchmaster glue boards in 1984; the Catchmaster fly product line in 1991; mechanical rodent traps in 1999; a line of bed bug adhesives, traps and monitors in 2010; the GLOstick and SilentTrap Flying Insect Traps in 2011; Catch Zone in 2018; Ovi-Catch mosquito trap in 2015 and Final Feed mosquito bait in 2019.

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