Insects Limited: PTL Multi-Species NoSurvivor Kit


April 4, 2024



The trademarked Plodia/Trogoderma/Lasioderma (PTL) Multi-Species Kit (IL-408-10) moth and beetle trap features Insect Limited’s signature pheromone Bullet Lures. The lures attract the most common pests of dried goods with a controlled release of pheromone over three months:

  • Moths: Indianmeal moth (Plodia interpunctella), Mediterranean flour moths (Ephestia kuehniella), almond moths (E. cautella), tobacco moths (E. elutella) and other food moth species
  • Trogoderma food beetles: warehouse beetle (T. variabile), Khapra beetle (T. granarium), glabrous cabinet beetle (T. glabrum), larger cabinet beetles (T. inclusum) and more
  • Cigarette beetles (Lasioderma serricorne)

Male moths and beetles are attracted to the lure and are readily stuck in the glue when paired with a sticky trap trapping system. The Bullet Lures are paired with the NoSurvivor Trap. These traps can easily be hung in closets or throughout other living spaces, warehouses or storage rooms. Insects that are attracted to the lure are readily stuck in the glue upon entering the trap.

This PTL Multi-Species Kit pairs the science of insect biology to the technology of a trapping system to assist you with the task of monitoring for these pests. For an integrated pest management program, monitoring can ultimately help you reduce pest numbers. When paired with a trapping system, the lures do this by indicating:

  • Whether pests are present.
  • Their direction of origin.
  • Whether the control measures — such as removal of the infested product, increased sanitation, freezing, etc. — are working.

Insects Limited was founded in 1982 by David Mueller, BCE, a member of the Pest Management Professional Hall of Fame (Class of 2019).

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