5 Questions with John Murphy


April 22, 2024

John Murphy

John Murphy

This month, we check in with John Murphy, who is the carbon dioxide (CO2) development and implementation manager for Milwaukee, Wis.-based rodent control product manufacturer Liphatech Inc.

1. Since our “Supplier Update” article on IGI CO2 Powered by Liphatech in our August 2023 issue, has its scope expanded? You have been the point person for the training and research of this product in recent years.

Interest in the product has grown to where the Liphatech sales team has been adding it to their booths at trade shows. We continue to promote our Municipal Rodent Control Initiative, in which I help alleviate the rodent problems inside homeless camps. There are municipalities across the company that purchase the IGI CO2 system to do the work themselves. But it still has many applications for pest management professionals (PMPs), too. For example, companies that have school systems under contract are beginning to incorporate the system into their rodent control strategies. This is not just for school buildings, but also their ball fields and other properties. Zoos and historical sites are two more big arenas where IGI CO2 is becoming a popular option.

2. What kind of training is involved for PMPs before they can offer this as a treatment option for customers?

We’ve trained our sales managers to be able to provide training to their PMP customers on a regional basis. New-customer training is usually conducted in person and covers the assembly and application techniques for the system. Additional training and any troubleshooting can be offered online or in-person, whichever makes more sense in the situation. I am also starting to film training basics for larger companies to incorporate into their programs.

3. Have there been any recent tweaks or upgrades to the system and its components?

The basic system and the equipment haven’t changed. That said, we now offer a shorter application wand, which enables applications in tight areas.

IGI Eliminator4. Is it true the IGI CO2 system is labeled for more than just rats?

We have just begun to scratch the surface within the burrowing rodent category. We started off with rat control because it was a natural fit. But now IGI CO2 is being used to treat for moles, voles, pocket gophers, ground squirrels and groundhogs. Techniques vary for these burrowing rodents. For example, while application techniques for rats and ground squirrels are similar, they are different for pocket gophers and moles. We also like to point out that it is an excellent option amid the so-called ‘rodenticide wars’ going on in politics right now.

5. What else is happening for IGI CO2 in 2024 and beyond?

Last year, we launched IGI CO2 for organic commodity fumigation. It was a small launch, similar to how we began with the burrowing rodent category, and it was a complete success. So, I am very proud to state that Liphatech, which always has been known for its innovations in the rodenticide category, has now begun to work and build relationships within the Organic Commodity Fumigation segment of business. IGI CO2 is certified by the U.S. Department of Agriculture as a fumigant for organic commodities, and by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as a pesticide. As our regional field reps increasingly become familiar with the ins and outs of IGI CO2 with their PMP customers, I will start to focus more on the commodities fumigation market. It already has been used successfully in trials for organic coffee and almonds, and I look forward to expanding its reach into even more markets.

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