EcoVenger to host mosquito, tick management webinar


April 25, 2024




EcoVenger will host a webinar titled, “Keys to a Successful Mosquito & Tick Management Program,” on May 15 at 3 p.m. Eastern.

The webinar will be presented by Dr. Lucy Li, an entomologist from the University of Arizona.

Dr. Li will discuss two major vectors – ticks and mosquitoes. First, she will discuss different tick species and the diseases they carry, then she will talk about the prevention and management of ticks. She will then dive into the mosquito world to discuss different mosquito species and the diseases that they carry, and how to prevent and manage mosquitoes.

Dr. Li works with and coordinates the Public Health Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Team, a multi-disciplinary group of extension and research faculty in the University of Arizona. The team has experts from diverse fields relevant to public health pests and pesticide health issues, and the goal of the team is to develop and implement priority engaged research and extension programs on public health pests statewide. She currently is involved in translational research on public health pests and IPM in the built environment and in American Indian Communities to reduce health threats from disease vectors and pests of public health concern.

Four focus areas have been identified and prioritized by the team:

  1. Vector control, especially integrated mosquito management
  2. IPM education and outreach for tribal communities
  3. Implementation of IPM in community environments, such as public schools and public housing
  4. Food safety and wildlife.

Her primary responsibilities include translational research studies focus on IPM, pest ecology and reduced-hazard management of public health pests and related priories, including venomous arthropods, disease vectors (such as rodents, mosquitoes and ticks), and bed bugs. Dr. Li has experience on IPM outreach, IPM implementation programs and long-term impact assessments in public schools and public housing.

Registration for the webinar is now available.


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Ellen Wagner is a former digital editor for PMP magazine.

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