Liphatech: Generation Bait


May 6, 2024



For nearly 30 years, pest management professionals (PMPs) have chosen Generation baits for the effective control of house mice, Norway rats and roof rats. Generation is a second-generation anticoagulant rodenticide formulated with the Liphatech-exclusive active ingredient difethialone, the same active ingredient in its soft bait, FirstStrike. The Generation line includes mini blocks, pellets and pellet place packs.

The palatability of Generation mini blocks makes it an effective solution against rodents. Generation 20-gram mini blocks contain appealing ingredients for natural feeding preferences in rats and mice. The mini blocks are designed with rodent gnawing edges and a center hole for securing in tamper-resistant bait stations. Generation mini blocks are available in 16-pound pails or cases of  four 4-pound bags.

Generation bulk pellets are an excellent choice for burrow baiting. The pellet shape mimics seeds in the rodent environment, and added paraffin provides moisture tolerance for the bait. The bulk pellet formulation allows PMPs to vary the quantity as needed for application within ranges allowed by the product’s label. Generation pellets are available to PMPs in 20-pound pails.

Generation 25-gram pellet place packs are ideal for quick and proper bait placement in hard-to-reach baiting locations. A special film on the place pack keeps pellets fresh until they are consumed by rodents, and the paraffinized formula works well where there are concerns about moisture, the company says. Pellet place packs are available in 100-pack pails.

About Liphatech

With U.S. headquarters based in Milwaukee, Wis., Liphatech is a worldwide manufacturer of pest control products. It is considered to be the developer of three of the industry’s active ingredients: chlorophacinone, bromadiolone and difethialone.

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