Bird Barrier America: 2024 Digital Catalog


May 9, 2024



Bird Barrier America has debuted its latest 80-page digital catalog. The product catalog includes the entire lineup of modern bird control products offered by Bird Barrier, along with new products for 2024. The publication has the entire line-up of Bird Barrier products, which includes StealthNet, Bird-Shock, Bird Spikes, Daddi Long Legs, and of course Optical Gel. The catalog is designed to help pest management professionals (PMPs) easily access the entire array of bird control products, along with helpful details on how to install the products, how to use in building project proposals and customer presentations.

Currently available as a digital publication only, printed versions of the catalog will be available later in the year. You can also find the new catalog for easy reference on Bird Barrier’s website and Facebook/Instagram LinkTree. To download your PDF version, visit online.

About Bird Barrier America

Established in 1993, Bird Barrier America is an eco-friendly manufacturer and supplier of bird control products and services to a global market. It specializes in urban and natural bird control to effectively relocate pest birds humanely and without harm. The Carson, Calif.-based company takes pride in providing new and modern technology that improves successful bird control and prevents unwanted birds from landing, roosting or nesting in locations that need protection.


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