Bed Bug Heat Doctor/Prevsol: Thermal Remediation Truck


May 13, 2024



Bed Bug Heat Doctor/Prevsol has just announced the release of its new Thermal Remediation Truck. It has a power take off (PTO) that runs a 75kVA/60kW generator attached to the truck’s undercarriage. The PTO can be added to a F-350, F-450, F-550, or F-600 diesel truck that you already own or a new/used truck. It comes stocked with six BK10-480B Bed Bug Heaters, twelve AM3700 Axial Fans, two 480-volt power distribution boxes, and 900 feet of cables which all store neatly in the interior shelves and exterior locking utility boxes.

The PTO and generator expand the functionality of the truck by allowing it to power the 75kVA/60kW generator attached to the truck’s undercarriage. The truck is self-powered and self-contained, making it more versatile for use in a variety of pest control applications. It contains an Anti-Theft Transmission Lock that allows for leaving the cab locked, engine running, and generator and heaters on without worrying about drive-offs. This technology is the same used by first responders. The BK10-480B Heater that comes stocked in the truck is a replacement for the TempAir EBB-460V and works in conjunction with the Thermal Remediation TempAir 480-volt generator and cabling system. Each BK10-480B Bed Bug Heater treats between 450-550 square feet and uses one 110-volt 5-amp circuit and one 480-volt 12-amp circuit. This heater is significantly more compact than any competitor’s model. The BK10-480B weighs only 26 pounds and measures 19x13x17 inches.

Additionally, the thermal remediation truck is equipped with interior shelves and up to 6-foot stand-up height inside, as well as exterior locking utility boxes that can be fitted with a key FOB remote locking for easy storage of cords.

The truck can also be used for temporary power, temporary job site heat, and restoration.

To read a more in-depth explanation of how the truck works, visit the blog post Heating Up the Industry: Introducing the Powerful New Thermal Remediation Truck by Bed Bug Heat Doctor.

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