Innovative Pest Control Products: Bug Bar Insect Bait Station 


May 15, 2024



For more than 10 years, pest management professionals (PMPs) have been saving money with Innovative Pest Control Products’ Bug Bars, the company says. These bait stations are a cost-effective method for keeping ant and cockroach baits fresh for longer. Fill the reservoir with the liquid, gel or granular insect bait of your choice to preserve and extend the life and palatability of your bait. Bug Bars’ patented “stepped ramps” design allows for easy access by ants and cockroaches while also being able to close securely to resist pet and child access to baits. Additionally, these bait stations are useful for preventing contamination of surfaces and for preventing pollutants from reaching baits and reducing their effectiveness. Each box of Bug Bars contains 50 refillable insect bait stations. The stations are recommended for use with Innovative Pest Control Products’ Green Way Liquid Ant Killing Bait and Gourmet Ant Bait Gel.

Features include:

  • The Bug Bar Insect Bait Station is designed to be a sturdy, attractive, thermoformed bait station approximately 2 inches square.
  • The reservoir holds up to 0.33 ounce of liquid, gel or granular bait.
  • The entryway is designed to accommodate both ants and cockroaches.
  • The ribs on the entryway provide a secure foothold for large cockroaches.
  • The cover easily snaps closed and is difficult for pets or small children to open.
  • The Bug Bar can be filled or refilled through a fill port on the top of the bait station.
  • The Bug Bar can be secured in place with double-sided tape or Hercules putty.

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