Quips and Quotes from the PMP Growth Summit


May 15, 2024

Don McCandless, CEO, ConidioTec

Don McCandless

WHAT: Aprehend biopesticide for bed bug control
WHO: Don McCandless, CEO
WHAT HE SAID: “Aprehend is different. It’s a biopesticide; there’s no resistance to it. This product will work against pesticide-resistant bed bugs. It requires a different mental attitude because you don’t have to spray every surface. You only have to put up a perimeter barrier around a primary or secondary feeding site. When the bugs cross that barrier, they pick up the spores and die.”
FOR MORE: Aprehend.com

THE COMPANY: Bird Barrier

Ray Olschewski

Ray Olschewski

WHAT: Bird control
WHO: Ray Olschewski, Technical Manager
WHAT HE SAID: “Bird work is a great add-on business. It’s a great way to make extra revenue. Most important, it keeps competitors out of your accounts. If you tell customers, ‘I can’t do bird work,’ somebody else is going to say, ‘I can do it, and I can do your pest control, too.’ This is a good way to totally envelop your customers and give them 100 percent solutions for everything that crawls and flies.”
FOR MORE: BirdBarrier.com

Josh Johnson

Josh Johnson

THE COMPANY: Control Solutions Inc. (CSI)
WHAT: Doxem Plus Fire Ant Bait
WHO: Josh Johnson, Florida Territory Manager
WHAT HE SAID: “One of our newer offerings is Doxem Plus Fire Ant Bait. It works faster than any other fire ant product on the market: 90 percent mortality on Day Two, no new mounds for three months. It supports quarterly visits, which a lot of us do for our [ant control] services. We’re real proud of this product. It’s Combination Chemistry, something CSI does a lot of. We like to be on the lookout for ways to overcome resistance.”
FOR MORE: ControlSolutionsInc.com


THE COMPANY: FieldRoutes, a ServiceTitan company
WHAT: Cloud-based and mobile software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider for field service businesses
WHO: Eddie Barajas, Customer Success Manager
WHAT HE SAID: “FieldRoutes delivers the time-saving, efficiency-producing business growth solutions you need. FieldRoutes puts you and your business first. We’re more than a software company. We exist to empower your growth so you can achieve your ultimate success.”
FOR MORE: FieldRoutes.com

Dale Baker

Dale Baker

WHAT: Innovative new products
WHO: Dale Baker, President
WHAT HE SAID: “We’ve got a bunch of new stuff: Stick-Em Mini Mighty Glue Boards for mice and insects that’s like a glue tray meets a glue board; Stick-Em Bigfoot Cave; J.T. Eaton Universal Glue Board that fits in Little Pete traps so you don’t have to split them up; Answer Cage Coats that cover your cages; Top Loader Grain Bait dispenser that’s safe and secure; Fume Clip 1-inch Safe Tee in neon green; Super Strongbox with a self-contained weighted base; and ZendoZones fruit fly traps cleverly disguised as succulent plants. Is that a thing? It is now!”

Howard Franklin

Howard Franklin

THE COMPANY: Liphatech
WHAT: IGI Carbon Dioxide Powered by Liphatech
WHO: Howard Franklin, ACE, Western Regional Manager
WHAT HE SAID: “We are a leader in rodent control. Three of the active ingredients for rodent control on the market today are products we invented: chlorophacinone, bromadiolone and difethialone. We’ve leaned heavily into our soft bait products, but we also have a complete line of block bait and bait station products. We also offer an IGI CO2 product that is approved for outdoor use in field settings and in grounds and landscaping around municipal, residential and commercial buildings.”
FOR MORE: Liphatech.com

Casey Prewitt

Casey Prewitt

WHAT: SureKill Gel Bait Pro Applicator
WHO: Casey Prewitt, Director, Professional Pest Management Division
WHAT HE SAID: “SureKill is our main professional pest product line, [made] in-house at our facilities in the U.S. Our new SureKill
Gel Bait Pro Applicator is a metered applicator for any gel that uses the standard syringe. Its unique thumb-driven design helps you get into tighter spots. More important, it takes that ‘gun’ appearance out of technicians’ hands for the safety aspect.”
FOR MORE: NeogenProfessionalProducts.com

Taylor Whitehead

Taylor Whitehead

WHAT: Custom digital marketing agency
WHO: Taylor Whitehead, Sales Manager
WHAT HE SAID: “Internet marketing moves really fast. But what we need to understand is who we’re dealing with. Google owns over 90 percent of the market share in online searches. You can’t get away from not being online and on Google search engines. So, what game should we be playing with Google? Prioritize your marketing.”
FOR MORE: NiftyPest.com

Headshot: Mike Purcell

Mike Purcell

WHAT: Magnetic Roach Bait
WHO: Mike Purcell, Southeast Regional Manager
WHAT HE SAID: “If you work in commercial settings with cockroach bait, what are you looking at? We’ve changed the inert ingredients to make it more palatable. The same active ingredients have been around 25 years. We’re going at it a different way. Why use Magnetic Roach Bait? Because it works; [pests] are going to eat it.”
FOR MORE: NisusCorp.com

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Andrej Branc

WHAT: Bait stations and monitoring gels
WHO: Andrej Branc, Americas Business Manager
WHAT HE SAID: “We are launching two new products at this PMP Growth Summit. First is a weighted bait station that doesn’t crack when you throw it because it’s made of fully recycled material: recycled car bumpers for the station, recycled tires for the weight on the base. Second is non-toxic monitoring gels for snap traps, bait stations and glue boards.”
FOR MORE: PelGar.co.uk/usa

headshot: James Osuch

James Osuch

THE COMPANY: Rockwell Labs
WHAT: EcoVia Fly Killer and the Power Foamer
WHO: James Osuch, VP of Sales
WHAT HE SAID: “New for 2024: The EcoVia Fly Killer that kills and controls small and large filth flies at the source, and also kills fly eggs and larvae. The Power Foamer, a long-life, lithium battery-powered foamer that makes treatment ‘Effort Less.’ One charge will last for six to seven tank fills. It is ideal for use with InVade Biofoam.”
FOR MORE: RockwellLabs.com


Frank MacDonald

THE COMPANY: Select Insurance Agency
WHAT: Cyber liability
WHO: Frank MacDonald, President
WHAT HE SAID: “Cyber liability [insurance] protects against people getting into your servers, accessing clients’ personal information. Regardless of where you store your customer credit card information, if they can track it back to you, you’re going to be on the claim as well. Whoever’s customer relationship management software you’re using to store your credit card information, if they get hit, you’re going to [be liable], too.”
FOR MORE: SelectAgency.com


THE COMPANY: SiteOne Pest Management
WHAT: Distributor of pest control supplies
WHO: Brayden Stockton, National Account Manager
WHAT HE SAID: We’re the largest wholesale distributor of turf and ornamental products. Three years ago, we got into the pest control space. We’ve got over 135,000 SKUs, and over 700 branches in 45 states. Our CEO, Doug Black, likes to say we’ve got ‘a Home Depot reach but an Ace Hardware feel.’ We’ve got the buying power, but we’re right in your backyard. We can stock all of your products at any one of our locations. Contact our local representatives to discuss how your purchases can qualify you for money back through the SiteOne Partners program.”
FOR MORE: SiteOne.com/pestmanagement


WHAT: Field service software
WorkWave’s partnership with its customers drives them not toward just delivering great service, but also in developing high-growth companies that are highly profitable and provide a competitive advantage within their markets.
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