J.T. Eaton: Stick-Em Mini Mighty Glue Boards


May 22, 2024



New Stick-Em Mini Mighty Glue Boards (154BULK) are an easy, effective, no-mess way to control mice, scorpions and crawling insects. These glue traps can be used like heavy-duty glue trays or glue boards without the hassle of release paper, the company says. The traps are perforated so they can be used as two larger boards or four smaller boards.

The company offers placement tips such as:

  • Place every 6 feet to better your chances, such as in cabinets, behind furniture, near household entry points, sides of garage doors, in attics and crawlspaces or basements are all common hot spots.
  • Also place them where rats or mice may run, such as along walls, the sides of the refrigerator and stove, behind washers and dryers, etc.

Ideal for people-sensitive areas such as homes, apartments and more, the traps are easily disposed of after use. They are available packed 24 to a case, 234 to a pallet.

About J.T. Eaton

Founded in East Cleveland, Ohio, in 1932 by Jasper T. Eaton as a mail-order house for pest control products for professional use, J.T. Eaton was brought to prominence when Pest Management Professional (PMP) Hall of Famer Stanley Baker (Class of 1999) purchased it in 1949 for $2,500. In the first year, Baker did $35,000 worth of business. And before his death in 2005 at the age of 87, he built it up to a multi-million-dollar company. Baker was a lifelong innovator, and is credited for creating the paraffin rodent bait block in 1962. He is also credited with developing the modern glue board design, in 1980. In 1999, he helped patent an ant and cockroach product that uses just 1 percent boric acid.

Still family-owned and -operated by the Baker family in Twinsburg, Ohio, J.T. Eaton’s product line includes products for rodents, wildlife, bed bugs, mosquitoes and other flying insects and more.


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