‘Orkinstra’ cicada concert set for June 8


May 22, 2024



For the first time in 221 years, a new release from Rollins Inc. notes, two broods of periodic cicadas will emerge from the ground this summer. To commemorate this historic event, Rollins brand Orkin will host an “Orkinstra” symphony in Springfield, Ill., to coincide with what experts believe will be the peak area and time for this double brood emergence.

On Saturday, June 8, at 7 p.m. Eastern at the Lincoln Memorial Garden and Nature Center, Orkin will host the public to “join dozens of classically trained musicians as they play a never-before-heard symphony composed to incorporate the singing and rhythm of this summer’s loudest and most vocal insect.” Those interested in attending can sign up at Orkin.com/orkinstra.

“Music composer Bryan Rheude  has orchestrated a seven-act symphony based on the cicada life cycle. This 45-minute performance will be streamed live on Orkin’s TikTok and the curated songs will be available on Spotify following the event. Orkin is also commemorating this historic event by releasing a limited-edition T-shirtavailable for free to cicada and symphony enthusiasts, while supplies last,” the news release said.

“This summer’s ‘Orkinstra’ was composed specifically with the cicadas in mind,” Orkin Technical Manager Ian Williams, BCE, said in the news release. “These emergent events come in large numbers. What’s special about periodic cicadas is their scheduled emergence – and their near absence during the years in between. Knowing exactly when they’ll emerge can be difficult to determine. The event is based on a variety of environmental conditions being met, such as soil temperature, soil moisture and Mother Nature.”

Cicadas have some of the longest insect lifespans, but they spend most of their lives underground. For cicadas to emerge, the top 8 inches of soil need to be at least 64 degrees Fahrenheit,” the news release explained. “Then, they are likely to emerge after a warm rain. So, when the conditions are right — starting this month in some states — the two broods of periodic cicadas will emerge after more than a decade in the ground. After 13 years, Brood XIX is set to emerge in 16 states across the Southeast and Midwest. The 17-year Brood XIII will emerge in five Midwestern states: Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Indiana and Michigan.

The double emergence of these two broods, with all seven species of periodical cicadas out at the same time, won’t happen again in these general areas until 2245.”


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