VM Products: MosquitoCon


May 23, 2024



VM Products, recognized for pioneering advancements in pest control solutions, introduces its trademarked MosquitoCon water holding receptacle. Developed in the VM Innovation Lab, MosquitoCon stands out for its durability, featuring a dual-wall structure and a secure locking mechanism that ensures longevity and reliability. Key features include:

  • Integrated leaf guard: The distinctive red leaf guard allows mosquitoes to enter while effectively preventing debris from infiltrating.
  • Low-profile design: Makes it an ideal choice for various settings.
  • Heavy-duty concrete block: The unit’s weighted construction ensures it remains securely in place throughout the year, eliminating the need for end-of-season service trips.
  • Capacity to hold 96 ounces of water: This offers extended use in the field to maximize service intervals.
  • The VM Universal Key: The unit comes standard with the gray VM Universal Key so techs can use one key to access multiple stations.
  • VM Private Label Program: VM Products’ Private Label Program offers an exceptional opportunity for pest management professionals to enhance their brand visibility and customer loyalty. Check out VM Products’ five reasons to customize your station labels on the VM blog.

MosquitoCon is recommended for use with Natular DT, which is sold separately. Always read and follow label directions. For information on how MosquitoCon can be used in a Mosquito Management Program, visit Veseris.com/mosquitocon.

About VM Products

Founded in 2003 and based in Arlington, Texas, VM Products’ stated mission is as follows: VM Products is committed to delivering effective pest management solutions that provide exceptional value and excellent customer service. At VM Products, our ambition is to be the industry leader, innovator and producer of solution-based products for the pest control industry.


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