PelGar USA: Vanguard Heavy Rat Bait Station


June 3, 2024



Now available for pre-order, the new Vanguard Heavy is the result of decades of practical field experience with pest management professionals and the latest in design technology and materials. Both the base and station are made from 100 percent recycled materials. The exclusive dense rubber base is made from recycled tire material for weight, stability and grip on multiple surfaces. Designed for use with snap traps, baits and monitoring blocks, the Vanguard is packed 100 stations per pallet. Additional features include:

  1. Easy to open with secure lock.
  2. Base held to station securely with wing nuts and hex bolts
  3. Complete with rod for blocks and soft bait sachets.
  4. Removable tunneled entrances for rapid rodent acceptance.
  5. Sits flush to the wall and opens from the side for easy access.

The Vanguard Heavy joins PelGar USA’s many other products for pest management professionals, including rodenticide mainstays Brigand Wax Blocks (WB), Brigand Soft Bait (SB) and Monark Difenacoum Soft Bait. New this year for rodent control are RoBan Barrier (formerly RodentStop); the NZ snap traps for rats and mice; the PelGar Alert Station, featuring a mechanism to easily tell whether one of the traps has been triggered; the PelGar Bandit Station, which features an exclusive rat trap holder; PelGar NG, with an exclusive design that prevents fingers from touching bait through the entrance holes; and Roban Gold Entrap monitoring gels, which are non-toxic and ready-to-use to entice rats and mice to rodent traps, stations and glue boards.

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