Neogen: SureKill Gel Bait Pro Applicator


June 7, 2024



Designed for comfort and efficiency, the new SureKill Gel Bait Pro Applicator features an exclusive thumb-driven design, intended to reduce hand strain from repeated use. Compatible with SureKill gel baits and most industry syringes, the applicator’s adjustable dial offers five settings for optimal gel output, ensuring consistent and controlled applications. Crafted with industry-grade plastic and steel, this lightweight yet durable tool allows users to effortlessly target hard-to-reach areas while minimizing bait waste and innovating baiting protocols.

About Neogen

Neogen provides a comprehensive range of solutions and services for the food processing, animal protein and agriculture industries, not only helping to protect the world’s food supply, but helping to enable its customers to produce more efficiently and effectively.

Back in 1982, per a history that appears on the Neogen website, scientific innovations blossoming out of Michigan State University needed an avenue to reach the people who could use them to better the world — solutions searching for problems. The university reached out to the men who would become Neogen’s founders, Ted Doan and James Herbert, and soon after, the company was born. What started as a small team that held organization-wide meetings in a single hallway in Lansing, Mich., expanded into new industries and new states, soon reaching across one ocean, then another. Neogen became a publicly traded company in 1989. Today, it has teams stationed in 12 countries and a sales presence in more than 140.

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