Bell Laboratories: Fastrac Soft Bait Now Available in Canada


June 10, 2024



Bell Laboratories announces the arrival of its latest tool to fight rodents in Canada: Fastrac Soft Bait. Made with the active ingredient bromethalin, Fastrac Soft Bait is an acute rodenticide with a proprietary oil-based formulation that balances saturated and unsaturated fats, which is very palatable to rodents. Fastrac Soft Bait is also designed to withstand almost any climate. In cold climates, the bait won’t freeze and when temperatures and humidity rise, Fastrac Soft Bait is both mold- and heat-resistant.

Technicians will also use less bait and may see more effective results than with other products, the company says. Rodents may consume a lethal dose of Fastrac in a single night’s feeding, which may reduce the amount of bait needed to control a population.

“Fastrac Soft Bait widens the breadth of high-quality rodenticides available to our vital distribution and pest control partners in Canada,” Chief Commercial Officer Patrick Lynch said in a news release. “The bait has shown exceptional capabilities in controlling rodent populations in our other markets, and we’re looking forward to how Fastrac Soft Bait will elevate our Canadian partners’ rodent control program.”

Fastrac Soft Bait is available in a 1.81-kilogram (4-pound) pail and is available for shipment now. For additional information, visit online or contact your Bell Technical representative.

About Bell Labs

Founded in 1974 by the late Malcolm Stack, a member of the Pest Management Professional Hall of Fame (Class of 2004), Bell Labs today is based in Windsor, Wis., and manufactures rodenticides and other rodent control products available to the pest control and agricultural industries on six continents.. It is led by another Pest Management Professional Hall of Famer, CEO Steve Levy (Class of 2022). Bell’s complete line of products includes rodenticides, tamper-resistant bait stations, smart rodent monitoring devices, glue boards, mechanical traps, and attractants.

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