Sureguard acquires R&B Pest Control


June 11, 2024

Mike Houston, left, and Rusty Burgher. PHOTO: SUREGUARD LAWN & PEST SERVICES

Mike Houston, left, and Rusty Burgher. PHOTO: SUREGUARD LAWN & PEST SERVICES

Dallas, Texas-based Sureguard Termite & Pest Services recently acquired Sachse, Texas-based R&B Pest Control, a family-owned company serving the North Texas area.

“We are excited to be able to service R&B’s customers and provide them with the personalized services that they are accustomed to,” Mike Houston, president of Sureguard Termite & Pest Services, said in the news release. “We also provide additional services that were not previously available by R&B. This acquisition allows us to continue to create more density in our routing, allowing us to be able to give even better service and response time to our clients.”

Rusty Burgher, owner of R&B, is a lifetime pest management professional (PMP). He started his pest control career at Big State Pest control in the 1970s, becoming a manager of its North Texas branch before opening R&B Pest Control. Burgher said he was referred to Houston by a mutual friend in the industry, and that he was happy to find a local family company that would transition all his customers seamlessly.

Sureguard Lawn & Pest Services is a third-generation pest management company. The Houston family has been in the pest control industry since 1967. R&B Pest Control is the 24th acquisition since 2015. Sureguard is looking to acquire eight companies in 2024.


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