GreenTech acquires Thermal Remediation


June 19, 2024



Placentia, Calif.-based GreenTech Heat Solutions has acquired Thermal Remediation, a Burnsville, Minn.-based manufacturer that produces all-inclusive heater/trailer/generator packages to kill bed bugs and stored food pests in grain silos.

Dr. Michael Linford, CEO of GreenTech Heat Solutions, said in a news release that with this acquisition, “GreenTech Heat is honored to provide continuing service and technical support for the Thermal Remediation heater and trailer line of products. We also offer equipment upgrades and trailer conversions.”

About GreenTech Heat Solutions

Founded in 2003, GreenTech Heat Solutions designs, manufactures and sells portable electric and propane heaters, fans and treatment accessories specifically designed for controlling insect pests, especially bed bugs and their eggs.

GreenTech Heat Solutions combines a university-tested heat technology with affordable, portable and effective heating equipment. The founder of GreenTech Heat Solutions, Dr. Michael Linford, pioneered the use of heat for insect eradication in the late 1980s. Serving as CEO today, Dr. Linford’s many accomplishments include:

Innovates and manufactures heaters and related equipment for the eradication of insects and odor control due to bacteria and VOCs. Provides training for companies in applying Linford’s heat treatment methodology using his EPA registered technical manuals.

  • Developed and expanded treatment processes, and co-authored two new treatment manuals for the insect eradication market: Bed Bug and Other Pests Heat Treatment Field Guide, and Termite and Other WDO Heat Treatment Field Guide.
  • Co-authored Hot House: a Selective History of Convected Heat in the Pest Control and Remediation Industries.
  • Oversaw and directed the compilation of the Thermal Death Point Compendium for reference treatment temperatures and durations for many insect and microbial pests.
  • Developed four new electrical heaters to address smaller treatment areas: The ePro 400, ePro 600, ePro 400 hotel single cord +, and the ePro 1400.
  • Expanded the market from pest control to include property management; residential including senior housing, apartments and condos; hotels/motels; HUD/housing authorities; hospitals and other medical providers; summer camps; and transportation and aircraft operators.
  • Developed the direct fired Titan 800, which increased the original TPE 500 power output from 500,000 BTU to 990,000 BTU with improved power and airflow.
  • Developed the Titan 450, which produces output comparable to the TPE 500 but is 28 percent lighter, and can be transported in a smaller vehicle.
  • Expanded and developed new market applications to include vehicle decontamination, grain silos, furniture decontamination, and general import/export decontamination.
  • Developed a unique magnetic fire sprinkler cover.


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