Nisus: Steri-fab


June 21, 2024



Get rid of blood-feeders with Steri-fab! As a nonresidual, multipurpose spray, Steri‑fab can be applied to human contact surfaces like mattresses, upholstered furniture, carpets and other, similar places to get rid of labeled pests, odors and germs. With Steri-fab, people and pets can re-enter rooms treated per the label as soon as those areas are thoroughly dry and ventilated, getting right back to life as normal.

With its flexible label for treating both hard and soft surfaces, Steri-fab is a critical addition to a pest management professional’s (PMP’s) toolkit. Steri-fab is not only ideal for applications in residential accounts, but also for treating areas with high volumes of foot traffic where these pests can be transferred from person to person. These spaces include hotels, gyms, healthcare facilities, daycares, schools, retail spaces, dormitories, and more.*

Steri-fab offers a broad range of applications that make it a must-have product for PMPs. As a non-residual insecticide that also works as an antimicrobial on soft, porous surfaces like upholstered furniture or mattresses, it is ideal for bed bug accounts. Its versatile label also can enhance specialized pest management services, such as those for lice and mites.

About Nisus Corp.

Nisus Corp. is a privately held company that manufactures sustainable products for the professional pest control industry, industrial wood protection industry and the agricultural liquid micronutrient industry at its manufacturing plant based in Rockford, Tenn.

*Do not apply Steri-fab directly to people or pets.

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